FAQ Operations

Yes, all systems are appropriate for outdoor use. In fact, Inform is still the most widely used random-access player at outdoor sites all over the world.

We’ll help you select the appropriate technology based on your needs. If you wish to provide a rich multimedia tour that includes video footage, you will need Opus; if you would like to offer a self-guided or random-access program, you will need a digital platform such as the exSite or Inform. 

Headset players offer an immersive experience, and wands offer users more opportunities to interact with their surroundings. In general, men and younger visitors prefer headsets, and women prefer wands. Acoustiguide is the only audio & multimedia tour company that offers both types of equipment that can be used alone or in combination. 

Our staff can handle shipping and unpacking of the equipment. We can also provide signage to help visitors get the most out of the audio program. We test the system and lead walkthroughs for your employees. We also train your staff in basic maintenance.

The storage and recharging racks can be plugged into standard electrical outlets. In many cases, one standard, 20-amp breaker is sufficient for 100 units.

Producing an audio tour is a collaborative process and we will need to work with you in many ways, including the following:

  • Resources: At the start of the creative process, we will need images of the objects to be included in the audio tour and copies of all planned catalogues and texts, if applicable to the project.
  • Your Time: Acoustiguide may need to spend time with representatives from your Education, Visitor Services, Curatorial, Facilities and Finance departments during production of your audio program and installation of equipment at your site.
  • Space: You will need to create areas for audio tour distribution, workspace for distribution staff, and storage of equipment and our custom packing materials.

Espro-Acoustiguide offers a range of staffing solutions. We can staff your site with our employees. We can also provide training and management for your own staff.